Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Review : I wish more Android Apps were like this...

Majesty, for those who do not know is a cult classic real time strategy game for PC in which you play the role of a king. The turn of the game is that you never directly control your units, but to provide facilities and improvements they need to survive and then offer rewards for exploration or for combat. The result is a strategy game simulation addictive style that has come good on the Android platform.

Majesty for Android is a streamlined and simplified version of the PC game, and it goes to a fun diversion for those who have played the original. But for the first time visitors are likely to be addicted to this game Each mission requires to play half an hour (or more if you do not master the basics), and while none of them are particularly difficult there are a lot of replay value, because some actions you have assigned to play at higher levels and missions differ among types of units to be built.

The production is extremely high, and cute cartoon graphics, excellent music and a smooth surface are all impressive. In a way, I prefer the style of the original PC, and it’s a huge compliment considering the fact that telephone-based ports of existing games are rarely flattering.

My only criticism is that the game begins to track, tell you how to play, so as not useful. If you are not familiar with the original game, you’ll spend much time in trial and error, and it is not yet fully clear to me how the points system works. If you want gold, you usually have to answer a secret object, mediated by the mission objectives (which may or may not want a delivery rate). It would not matter if you did not receive gold medals to unlock the last stage.

Some tips for beginners:
1) You create your market, so that the entrance is next to the castle entrance, and make liberal use of “market day.”
2) Plan your building, so you can update your castle as soon as possible (because it offers more tax collectors and guards).
3) Do not install the wizard until you have most of their spells are unlocked, because they die too easily.
4) If you decide to have necromancer to cast spells on the skeleton of each tax collector and additional protection for the defense.
5) If you run a speed that paladins are the most useful units that can hire you because they act as rangers, and warriors in one person and need very little force to destroy the hiding places.

Overall, it’s a great game, and any owner Android should at least try.

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