At Bat 11 Review : App Audio Problems & Workaround

As an avid baseball fan, I love my home-team radio (Gameday Audio), the “MLB At Bat 11” has to hear. It does not work properly with my new Motorola Atrix (Android) mobile phone deal without some tricks. He plays very fast and will skip words and sentences using the link in the integrated Shoutcast standard soft. And other audio channel called Alternate Audio does not work with Wi-Fi to work. So the solution is that you solve the Wi-Fi, then with the auxiliary audio channel of the application. This works OK without skipping, but of course, not allow it to use Wi-Fi to save the data. If you have a data plan, it worked fine, until they fix the app. All my other programs such as Pandora streaming applications and various Internet radio work well with Atrix, this is not the fault of Motorola. This problem is easily confirmed on numerous forums, but I found the workaround, after many experiments.

It’s worth the $ 9.99 I paid for it. The application has many other functions in addition to the home / away programs – tables, display panels, said new video, pitch-by-step updates, and more. I can wear my Atrix on my belt while doing other things – speakers or headphones. No static, no fading. An interesting application for baseball fans.

I also recommend Pandora Radio and iHeart TuneIn PRO apps for music and entertainment radio on the Internet.

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