At Bat 11 Review : Garbage

I admit that sounds bad, but for $ 15 (if purchased at the beginning of the season) I expect much more of an application. The audio at the same time to feed the connectivity issues and break Shoutcast alternative. It can pop and breath, and you shoot for no reason, even if you’re on a WiFi signal, or 4G. As strong on WiFi, the video stream is unwatchable. The image is so strong that you pixelated figures can not even on the back of the shirts, let alone see the ball. In addition, each compressed video clip highlight what is wrong, you get the same picture of shit and they screwed with the aspect ratio, so you lose the action on the sides of the screen.

This app also has a complete and total lack of help, if they do not respond to e-mail, not even a form letter, do as you would be recognized as a customer. If you foolishly go ahead and buy, and you just have a product that is even halfway good, all that you do NOT receive updates! They like to push updates that affect the actual performance, rather than help.

MLB bad show, I will not buy the next season or renew my subscription

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