Mobile Queue - Ad Version Review : Mobile Queue Deserves More Love

I decided to write this review because I really think this app deserves higher ratings and more positive comments.

The first thing you notice when you open the software has found its own user interface. It is very easy to navigate and easy. You have access to your DVD queue, the queue instant suggestions, I see history, and smaller films that you have @ Home. You can easily re your movies on DVD or instant queues by simply pulling up or down in order. You can also search and add movies to both queues. This is useful if a friend suggested a movie for you. You can also simply add movies and / or television shows and series to your queue in the suggestion box.
The app is stable, no crashes or complaints. It loads your information and calls relatively quickly. Although it is a version supported by advertising, the ads are not invasive. They are generally not in your path. I can use him to live happily ever after :-)

Now you might ask, how is this version different from the paid version? Well, of course, you will see no ads! In addition, you will be able to rate movies and shows.

Now, before concluding what I have to share a little comparison. The latest version of “Cinema” of Flixter (v. 3.3.1) now offers a similar feature. You can rearrange movies in your queue and add movies from the application. However, it will not let you search databases Netflix. It is here that shines App.

The Bottom Line: A very practical application, which she performed beautifully. It is simple, stable and useful.

Epic 4G Android 2.2 (Froyo).

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