Move it! Free Review : Top notch

If you ever park, played a traffic jam, or a similar game, you’ll probably enjoy this. The plant will have added a few things new to the game. New forms that do not add square or rectangular pieces that have to travel all the typical challenges of tangible personal property, and a step counter and the target no moves to do. The last two to increase the potential of reading you like / try to beat the target. If this were not enough, there are several difficulty levels to choose from. The graphics are very well done, is decorated with light music in the background. The tests are on the site, fill out the help section, and it is one of the full section to adjust the audio and visuals of the game at your convenience. Highscores / Trophies are local, but continues, you can go global with Heyzap (installation required). AI factory made almost all the features you would expect in the game, for the price – free.

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