North American Trees! Review : Handy mobile reference

The database associated with that application, not all tree species occur in the United States can, but it certainly has a lot then. He asks what kind of leaf of the tree in question – Do not worry, it calls you with samples of each type – then uses this information to refine the search. It’s a bit strange as it then shows you pictures and names of trees possible. You can then select one of the ways to see which produces detailed images of the leaf and seeds of the trees to see if the ones you are looking. If I had planned, I showed a picture of the kinds of leaves me to choose one of the options was limited. But the way they work too.The app answered the question I often get from my wife, “What kind of tree is it?” It is the price.By 99 ยข I’m running this on my Viewsonic and gtablet well think that Amazon is not compatible with my camera working.

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