North American Trees! Review : Not the app's fault probably but...

As with the other reviews for this application, I got an error message when you try to install something like “North American trees have a packet error, can not install.” Contrary to verify that the other I could not install after downloading a second time, I have not really had the chance to use the application, so I can not say anything about it. I wanted to make two points if:

* If you receive the error message packet, it’s worth trying again. I have my downloads on 3G networks (Verizon’s original Droid), you would probably have better luck on WiFi.
* A major drawback of this application is that it is 16MB and it is not configured to transfer it to the SD card. It’s really a problem for older phones with a limited internal memory. I would really like to see this changed so I can move it to my SD card.

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