Overkill Review : Pretty fun game reminds me of old school Defender

Review Asus HTC Thunderbolt & Transformer

Nice graphics of the game in the second decent shooter Genre Side Defender think old school with some differences.

On the stroke of lightning, I found the controls and gameplay are exclusively responsible sleek and sophisticated. To make decent graphics, multiple game modes and gameplay difficult for a fun game.

I noticed the description said, it has been redesigned to support tablets, so I expect HD graphics and improved controls, or something, I did not optimize my Honeycomb transformer is 3, 2, 3.2 – the size of the gaming software to fill the screen resolution is less tense and graphs for applications that are not optimized for tablets. This seemed the case with this game.So appearance has not been optimized, in addition to checking the controls.

When you try to play the game with acceleometer, I found that I lacked control it as if it were in portrait mode, but it was in the landscape, making it unplayable with this method. Then I used the method to control the screen with better results, but the controls found with this method is difficult, although playable on a 10.1-inch screen. So if I do not miss another version of this game have tablets, it is certainly not optimized and is barely playable at least on Asus Transformers. Since there is only “re-designed to support” pills, and optimized only for the Galaxy Tab (really, why only one?) Think I am, I could not expect too much, but Most games are playable with 3.2 I do not know how the controls could get such a lot, confused, but I digress.

So the bottom line, it was a lot about my love at first sight was perfect, but for a supposedly “supports Tablet” game is not bad on my processor, so if all you have to do work on applications, I would use now skipped.

Anyway, as you do not buy this for your processor is a good game, is $ 2 higher than most, and I do not know if I have to pay over a dollar, but it is a good overall game and if you want games like Defender, you’ll like it.

Feel free to comment, but know that Amazon does not allow me to answer. Long story, but basically, if I were you I would not be in the rating of trolls or misunderstandings right answer is to ban criticism of other Amazon reviews. This is a lifetime ban so that you can go.

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