Paper Camera Review : Loving this developer

I heard from the camera on a paper review site, and it looked like something fun to download and play with. Just after I bought it, I realized that the version of the Android Market with more features, features that really interested me and updated applications seem slow in coming, if any, other than the market has been updated. Well, I wrote to the developers and got a response within one hour to tell me what’s to come on the market in the update and why it does not already there. The email was personal and very useful. Come back for updates. It’s coming. Apk installed the update and it works perfectly on my incredible, but I think I understand the delay, as they want to work on all devices. I see so many reviews here, hanging applications not to support more hardware or tablets, so I wanted to understand everything before releasing the gap in the public square. I wish all developers were as responsive.

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