Photo Enhance Pro Review : A good option.

I mean, thank you for your lack of pride to give it 4 stars just beginning. It is refreshing, given the general attitude of all the characteristics of development arena.The does exactly what it claims. This is the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure. The fixed ratios for crops are beautiful. He has quick links to download and share options. Thus, you can choose if you reduce the image to a faster “Web usage”, or keep them in full size to download. As an interesting feature is the ability to rotate the image, because my cell phone (many Droid), it seems not always smart with the landscape vs. portrait orientation. I have to find max and hi impact of the image noise. This is not for any software that imitate HDR then it is likely to win either the noise or soft in the center, if pushed too far by surprise. As with the desktop software, there is a subtle touch that takes any photo found editing.I sliders difficult to use because they are all on the same screen option. My suggestion would be to reduce the size of the Save and Cancel buttons and move them to opposite lower corners of the screen. I would be the saturation, exposure, etc. in tabs and you increase the cursor and place it between the two keys to give finer adjustment rod. For all curious to know what HDR is. It is a technique in photography, where you were on different planes of the same pictures and remove the favorable parts of each exposure to a photo taken very strong. If you have already taken a picture, where the subjects look fabulous in the foreground, but then the background is dark and underexposed. This could be by then a second shot in a long-term exposure, which would expose about have been fixed to the front, but details of the rich background. Then, in some photo editing software, you take the two images together and remove (mask) unwanted parts of the image above, so you can see most of the lower layer. What does this mean for the average user that makes the picture with a strong light brown shade of this software are more details to emerge from the shadows. Since the original photo had only limited information on what is in the shadows, they can not keep the details as well as high-lighted parts of the photo. This detail means less noise and it will look grainy. The trick is not to push past the software, what is the limit picture. the result was grainy as the file of the original photo, as do the software.

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