Pirates and Traders Review : Very addictive and fun

I could not stop playing this game! The goal is to sail your boat in the 1650s to take years, and go to the Caribbean islands to try to recover more money and power. Many improvements in equipment, so you can get quite powerful. Many fighting ship. The game allows you to become stronger through trade, running quests, attacking enemy columns or everyone favorite: a pirate!

If you like strategy games like Civilization fun, then this is for you. Do not expect great entertainment (the game is fun enough without them), or arcade shoot ’em up, that’s not what’s in this game. This means that it is visually very attractive and the interface is fairly easy to use. Lot of help.

Might be useful:
– The clear victory conditions … Now you must decide if you think you won and then just stop playing
– Add performance monitoring (eg the inclusion of a galleon treasure hunt)
– A quick tutorial mode that guides you through the basics

I loved it. Worked great on my HTC 4G sensation.

Download NOW!!!