RokuByte - Roku Remote Review : Switched tonight. This app works for me!

I was with the roku remote soft, and could not stay connected to my Roku. Found that night and bought it app was not expecting much. WOW. How easy to configure. Immediately, my Roku worked! No fuss. Much better for me, my network, my Roku player. Thank you! Very happy with this app satisfied.
UPDATE: After using this app for several days, I love even more.
– Quick to install, easy
– No setup fees, the player immediately found roku input IP is not needed.
– Connection to the Roku player every time, quickly.
– Just like the buttons on the remote Roku
Channel Page for quick access –
– The search is simple and much quicker / easier than Roku remote, the keyboard on the phone!
(I “Swype” feature films and a keyboard, which makes them even faster). Since receiving this app, I’m not with my original remote for research. Worst Player Roku is solved with this software!
– Standard remote control pad and a brush if you prefer.
– Ability to keep WiFi on and off to conserve battery of the phone (nice option)
– Can each player roku (default name of the Roku player ID is found in the location of the players) so if you have one in the living room and bedroom, you can simply id.
– Widgets galore. If you or all of the remote screen phone would have all the time, you can! Nice, it is divided into components.

– None to date. Worth the price!

Compare Roku remote app I used to use to:
– Cost of Rokubyte is a little more (about 50 cents), but since it works every time I try to use it is worth every penny!
– Rokubyte always find and connect with my Roku. Can not say that about Roku remote control to connect sometimes.
– Use Roku remote to connect to me the last IP address used to my Roku. He spent a lot of research time and not to offer and combines a lot of time! No such problems with Rokubyte. Regardless of the scanning technique is used with Rokubyte is exceeded, the Roku player to find, even if the IP has changed the unit. Rokubyte is much more stable.

Wish it would be:
One way to save favorite searches to 10-20. When you try a series on some of the channels to see, do I find the series a few times in all seasons. It would be nice to save a favorite search, with the option, the storage box 1, 2, 3, etc. to store, so it is in the control of the field will be overwritten.

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