SeekDroid Review : I Spy

This should be a decent application, when the need to “track” your phone to replace concerns about “privacy” and giving operators control SeekDroid site unlimited on your cell phone or tablet-trough “system admin “-Account.


SeekDroid is the most effective recovery of your phone (or your friend / child / spouse / intereset person) Android mobile tablet and displays them on a map and there are other functions, so let me list them all:

– Track and locate a device, and the exact location via Google Maps (street view and satellite overlay)
– You send an “alarm” with personalized content, which disrupt phone tracked or tablet, which can be run app.
– Monitor call activity
– To “hide” attempt to continue the application on the device (later)
– Change the “lock” the password remotely
– Remote Wipe “personal data (not tested by me)

All SeekDroid above through the website are made as soon as you set up an account linked to the device to control. The process is simple – too simple – and, according to my tests, simple passwords are accepted – I’m all in lower case in the dictionary for the user ID and password.

On your Android device on the side, provided that the installation process, an account SeekDroid “Device Management” privileges. Optionally, you can remotely wipe the “telephone” and its SD card from the website SeekDroid and retrieve the most recent calls.


AFAIK, most of the features work as advertised. Equipment and phone calls are monitored, alarms pop almost immediately and the screen lock password can be changed remotely. I have not tried the “Wipe” feature.

On the side of the device, the ability to limit who can do what SeekDroid have specified. Of course, no follow-up will only happen if you disable the Wi-Fi and GPS tracking device. I suspect that SeekDroid can potentially allow tracking back, but I did not see it happening.

Site SeekDroid, once authenticated, you can continue the gadget handset, send alerts, lock and delete data, even try it “invisible”. Alarm sound, and almost immediately place the opportunity to continue the search will tell you whether it’s online when you try to follow him.


Here are some of mine, from “high” to “low” order.

– Install SeekDroid who runs allowed unrestricted access to sites SeekDroid your device. Any hacker or overzealous “authorities” during a fishing trip or maybe SeekDroid unhappy employees could take complete control over your machine and … not only see where you are or who you just mentioned, but in reality, wipe the device clean your data. If it “controls” are on the side SeekDroid, I have not seen any disclosure of the amount of risk.
– Weak passwords easily result in a simple hack. As I mentioned, was a relatively short time password only lowercase gladly accepted. It’s scary, because even if SeekDroid user password encrypted passwords easily can be easily exposed once someone (a hacker or other unfriendly) puts his hand on the password file encrypted password. And we know what could follow: a massive wipeout.
– I’m not sure what the policy on information SeekDroid tracked. The units are supervised at all times? The data are received (for how long?) And sold or made available to data miners?
– Hide the app only works if you use Android “apps running tool. I see” no problem SeekDroid by third parties or memory manager app. And of course you can still see the account SeekDroid machine as the administrator and Since you are an administrator yourself, you can remove their privileges, and of course remove it. Not a big concern, but no one should have high expectations. Any reasonably advanced user can easily “find” SeekDroid and off.
– It’s really easy to remove. See above.


SeekDroid, making it so easy to track and monitor an Android device has the potential to compromise their safety. Not only data on the “use” is a site that I have gathered no reason to trust, but all data in danger of being destroyed and, from their plant SeekDroid “Device Manager” to your own phone mobile, there is a potential for data that changes, additional applications installed without knowledge of the owner, etc..

I’ll give this app 2 stars (I do not like) and not a star, because most functions work as advertised.

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