ShopBerry Review : Best Shopping List App

I have several apps shopping list are used, including more milk, and suddenly I firmly believed that there was nothing better than milk … that is, until I downloaded BlackBerry store. I tried to shop BlackBerry, because I liked the colored surface, and especially the list of pre-filled product! How nice not having to type everything manually, simply click on the image and add to the list. I also like that you add the price and quantity of each item. But probably the best option is best able to share your shopping list. I did not know how it would be useful until my other half was our race and gave me the usual – there’s something I need to take before I get home – call. Indeed there was, and to his horror, I sent him the shopping list, shop via BlackBerry. Oh yes, I see this becoming my new favorite application. Retrieved HTC 3G Evolution

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