shopkick - Deals & Rewards! Review : Frustrating.

If it worked this app was fun, but otherwise it (about 50% of the time), it was frustrating to deal with the issue. Often could not nail down my position, they lost a lot of kicks (earned points to redeem rewards you in the application). In addition, it was not worth it to hang in a place of my own to try to recognize it, I was there when my family went shopping. Was it pushed him on the line for me is that he wanted me to update, but after the download was five times within a week before – received a message error every time. And the message stuck to improve the application, but never when I was at home – only when I’m in a store that could begin to win, was! I lost hundreds of kicks this week, which would have pushed me a gift card (they ran a special bonus of 400 extra kick). I finally donated my 275 shots for charity and uninstalled the application.

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