Silly Dino - Seymour Simon Review : Really??

What is wrong with you? After reading the reviews I thought it would be only a few jokes and that’s it. Instead, I found a complete book for children. They have no children’s books lately? They are just a few words, most of the images. Just like that. This is because children have short attention spans. And children’s books generally cost more than $ 1. 99 however they are short. This is not a game This is a book, like the description says. With an option to read yourself or to read the application, which can only be done by any book. I’m not one of the developers. My kids are great, but I like some children have applications on my phone if I need to entertain a child for a while. So thank you Amazon. I probably would have rated this as a book, no more than four stars, but the feeling was that this idiot to counteract these stars?

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