Skelzies Lite Review : Pretty good challenge

Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2
Viewsonic gtablet, Calkulin Clemsyn + 1.5GHz Combo Froyo V6

Skelzies is something along the lines of a cross between shuffleboard and billiards. They scoot around your bottle cap, trying to get into the numbered boxes. As in billiards, you need to know where your enemies are at the end when they meet and where you should end up missing you, Snake, think about your shots like that. Ideally, you have to be put in place to meet a new enemy, or just the space you need for you to continue. Skelzies AI opponents are very good, and so is their goal, the game makes it even more difficult. Rarely, the AI ​​will be missed.

Skelzies looks great on my two devices, given the way it should be dev-recommendation for the use of a hi-res. The gameplay is very smooth and the controls are very sensitive. Target selection and power level work when it comes down a bit. I’m frankly not a fan of the method and an extension would be preferred target arrow, which also controls the power used. (If you’ve played Bumper Stars on Facebook, you know what I mean.) The sound effects are good, but very small, and unfortunately there’s no background music.

Skelzies a game can be lengthened, and it’s a shame you can not pause your game and come back later. Skelzies not save your progress of the campaign, if you connect via Facebook, but you can not leave mid-game and resume later. If you choose to connect to Facebook, you have the added benefit of being able to play as well Skelzies on your device, all with the same stats. Nice bonus, but not everyone wants or Facebook.

This light version of Skelzies is limited to a board game in campaign mode. If this results in some sort of Facebook, I have no idea because I did not really win a game. (And I play a lot.) Maybe you can play on Facebook the other cards, but not the software that would make more sense. Right now, the full version of $ 1, which in my opinion, for what you fair. Bring on background music and a gaming device to save, and I give 5 stars instead of only 3 Skelzies

I hope you found this helpful, and if not, feel free to comments / questions on the left.

* EDIT *
Ok, I finally won a game! So what happens if you win the first disc? On Facebook, you get to the next board, which introduces a new surface to play to play – ice. On your device, it prompts you to buy the full version is that you try to play the new campaign mode and you can not replay this level. However, you can play the game quickly on a piece of campaign mode.

Play version Facebook has said things that were not in the application on their hands. First, there is a reason why the goal is. It is intended, you will gain precision as you advance in levels. Even with your strength. At some point it will be power-ups, which are the parts that you get every game is all about. Also coming is the ability to play multiplayer games non-local. As it stands, the Quick Play mode lets you play up to three other players locally, real or CPU.

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