Slacker Radio Review : Amazing service, great app ... when it works.

I love Slacker. Since I found a year ago. The service is fantastic, free radio, listen all you want, go up to six songs an hour (for free) or unlimited jumps (fee). I decided to pay, just because I sometimes had to get six or seven songs in a row. And the service itself is of superior quality on my laptop. No problem, no problem.

The problem I had with the application. When I had it running on my Samsung Epic 2.1/2.2, he fell constantly *. * Force includes left and right. I do not know if it is to build a shit or upgrade the software that was causing problems. Since I changed my Droid and updated Slacker, I think I had only one problem.

If you want a good free Internet radio service on your cell phone, I would suggest Slacker on virtually every other I have yet to meet.

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