Space War HD Review : Android devs need to step up their game

This game is not terrible, I’ll start with the “HD” on demand. It is not, not on my shelf transformer, which should mean HD HD. Not bad on my love at first sight, but I think its low-end graphics, it tries to throw off.Not be hard, but I also have an iPad 2, where the sucky games look worse. Ive seen some great games to come, around Android, but usually the first comes from the IOS. I think if the developers more money in a high-quality graphics it would be useful, especially if you dwell on high quality games (see AirAttack HD for a similar game with great graphics and game time quality). This game just lacks the visual quality, smooth controls, and the music that I expect from a paid app. (Hello, Herbie Hancock song wants her back). The gameplay is repetitive and a bit “meh” (as opposed to the games mentioned above, the online escalating craziness.Bottom when your about to make a copy of a game, please put more effort into it at least make it look good. We developers need their games, it would be preferable for the platform I have not completely lose their think.But, but it could be much better.

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