Spectrum Puzzles Review : Worth more than twice the price!

It’s like a well made, polished app, it’s worth more than double the price.
I was one of the lucky ones who got through the Amazon free app free day, but if it’s just a demo, the game I would have certainly bought twice the price.

I’m not usually much care for puzzles and puzzle games, but it’s so well done, and the images are so big (and you can use your own use) that I sucked at it and at the end to play for hours – and after all, is not that the point?

It says a lot about this game is that it is so classified in the Amazon, because every time an app goes to the free application of the day, it is almost always a lot of what I call ” expert idiots “think stupid reasons to call the notes seem to enjoy very low, such as” Can I have a picture with my camera phone and the divide in fifty other images by cutting various parts of my bed with the software Android and then it’s even harder to get back together, so I ‘m there is a star, because no one would ever need that. ”

Yes the sound, they really that lame, and they do so reliable that I fear that developers not want their applications in the App of the day because of the consistently low ratings (expressed by developers, the person who wrote this puzzle game are very helpful and responded to boot – see his responses to the “critical review of the most useful” here on Amazon), but even in the face of all this is one of the game very closely linked.

You really can not go wrong with this app. You stop thinking and just go pack it!
You’ll thank me later.

Download NOW!!!