SplashID Safe for Android Review : Best personal/secure data manager for any platform

SplashID has a way or another for years. I first made long ago on a Palm device. Since then I have moved the databases and versions used by a history of devices now available with Android. SplashID is the best and the interface more usable, hands down. It offers pre-programmed “types” of elements, such as membership rewards, Web logins, credit cards, identification and sizes of clothing. Each type has a number of areas. Best of all, the database is fully adaptable to almost any level. You can choose the fields to cover or uncover. You can add new “types” of entries or modifications / adaptation of fields for existing entries. They may be linked to icons for each entry. You can also group and sort the elements of almost all areas.

SplashMoney may be used as a standalone application, or you can synchronize it with the Windows version. If you synchronize with Windows, I must admit that the first synchronization is set up a bit annoying. However, synchronized wirelessly (via Bonjour) on your home network, which is a great blessing. It would just be better if it would be automatically synchronized with my body type, open the program on both devices at once. Cloud synchronization is an additional option and back-up fun.

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