Star Traders RPG Elite Review : Great game, great potential

Try this game – it might look a bit complicated, and I was not looking for a complicated game, but it was really easy to get. You just have to fly in your ship, trade in goods tw2002, or make contracts, etc. While there may be a quite complex, it is not immediately 100% of your attention, to understand and have fun with the request.

There is something about this game that really jumps to me. Some of the graphics look like they are with an 8 Graders were made with colored pencil, but it’s not a bad thing. I swear, the day of this game loses the “enslaving” button of the day, you know, it goes down fast.

Again, this game click on “enslave” a!
There is no fear of inspiration, creative play!

It’s a great game for when you have a break – just a few minutes. Remember to keep the water-fuel on the ship!

I would like to see the show in any way multiplayer (either in the direction of MMO, or maybe in private, jurisdictions game world) and the possibility of my character, the export of text / HTML, so that I can :)

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