StopWatch Review : Best so far

And my search of the perfect timing (and free) app continues …

So far this is one of the best I could find and it is too close to “perfect” as they come. In short, this is what you make of it:

– Count up or down (back to count down from a “zero” it)
– Accuracy to the millisecond
– Tours
– Facts & Figures
– Sending channel capacity available (provided, Gmail, G +, Bluetooth and use it on my XOOM xScope)
– Copy
– Store
– Settings screen, you can make the font color, volume, tone, even control the exercise by simply shaking your phone

I’m pretty happy with the app. It detects the screen orientation on my XOOM for anything other than the display settings, which seems hard-coded as in portrait mode. This and the fact that, when turned on briefly in the landscape to portrait when I “History” select only minor problems that can be corrected in a future update available. Overall, this is the first “free” of the chronometer, I can say that I love.

Oh, and at the time of this post … No ads. While the image of an analog clock connected to this application is not an analog is available. As far as I can say is a purely digital clock.

Download NOW!!!