Swamp Defense Lite Review : Fairly Entertaining

So yes, it’s a different spin on a Tower Defense game. I thought well done, even if the display is in this Lite version, a lot of real estate. The premise of this game is a bit novel for the genre (I’ve never seen one, anyway), and most of the characters are going well. It seems that it can not be beat, Little Joe and his rocket launcher. Would be a better fit for the rest if he was armed with fireworks. The sound effects are correct, no character with a distinct sound, their weapon. You may be in different hick-like cries and have added cackles, splats, if the creatures swap is completed, and perhaps an accompanying visual. I liked the Next button, the progress of the game speed is touch sensitive, as the pace accelerates as you hold it slowed down and then release it when you do. The remaining controls are easy to use and understand.

I hope you found this helpful. If not, please leave comments / questions.

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