Sygic: GPS Navigation Review : android navigation for cheap, only 15 Euro

for 15 euros (about $ 24) Sygic navigation is the best package for Android. One could say, copilot basic version is only $ 5. but you know what? many useful functions are disabled in this version. To have a fully functional GPS, you must buy the premium co-pilot, also $ 25. Now we can compare the two. Other alternatives such as Navigon Ndrive and are more expensive.

Outside Sygic, none of the alternatives must be visually appealing. This is the best search software. For only $ 24, I recommend it. You need a GPS package if you do not have a data service. The maps are stored on the memory card. It is therefore saves your precious data bits. Another good thing is that Sygic, you can download each state individually. It saves your storage card. I have not downloaded all the questions card.

This is a free trial of Amazon and market. You must purchase a license key Sygic on the site.

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