The Impossible Game Level Pack Review : Looking for an Impossible Game? This is it

I have not played the original game and beat the two levels appears possible. The original game was 5 stars because it is very addictive. I decided to buy the package level, to see if this game lives up to its predecessor. The package will remain faithful to its original level by a beautiful soundtrack and the same style. What is different and improved the animation as falling rocks and the game screen reversed. But what makes the original game was addictive replay factor high. They mocked the original game, because it seemed pretty easy to beat. This game on the other side seems impossible from the start. The original game was only two when your reflexes are necessary skills, the rest is just to memorize the patterns and muscle memory. This game is completely on the reflexes. The hardest part was in the original three triangles arranged in a series of jumps. There were only two cases where you had to do that. Both places had me for hours. Now imagine the entire game is only made of triangles lined up three or four in a row and you’re idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis game. The original game is not easy, compared to the level pack. You have been warned, do not buy it and give it a failing grade to be truly impossible.

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