Theft Aware 2.0 Trial Review : Amazing App, Works Better than it Should!

This is probably the most important application for your mobile phone … Been using this for my fiance and my phone, it seems forever, and I could no longer satisfied.

Prices (relative to the replacement phone)
Security (which is sinking into a soft so that not even erase the data from the boot loader, and it is completely hidden when it works)
Support (support forums and one-day turnaround on e-mail support)
Free trial (fully functional, if you have 7 () to convince the 14 () days spoiler alert:?. ‘S easy, and a period of 1 day)
Single license (Tied to your IMEI, do not worry logins, passwords, etc. change phones? Your e-mail technical support and they will pass your driver!)

Need to install after flashing a new ROM (That’s pretty much just a nuisance for those who frequently flash ROM, nightlies, integrity, etc. TheftAware in the operating system so that when a new OS flash , new need to install.)

Does not solve world hunger (as far as I know, none of their competitors have this feature or, if)
Requires mobile phone (does not work with set lines, quite frankly, I do not often lose or worry about my stolen)
Makes a horrible midnight snack (self explanatory)

Download NOW!!!