Thumb Keyboard Review : My thumbs - too big?

This is the fifth program keyboard, I tried and unfortunately I have the same problem as the other – I can not always press the right, no matter how I try. It drives me crazy. Swype does not work for me.

I bought the thumb keyboard on the Android Market and immediately tried it with different layouts without success, so I hit the return key and uninstalled. Amazon does not allow?

Hope Amazon does not mind my posting this review here – I can not mail on my phone because I can not use my keyboard on my phone Android.

The only “keyboard” that works well for me is the “micro” button. It works great! I wish I could put my keyboard option so that all I was a BIG FAT microphone and press done with it! With my thumb, and maybe my vision, I can not always be the key to Mike constantly – it’s not big enough!

Am I the only person who can speak the best you can give me on Android?

PS – I think I found a solution for people like me who can not on their fingers or thumb on the right keys – FlexT9 of nuance. I have been using throughout the afternoon and it solved my problem!

Download NOW!!!