ToMarket Grocery Shopping List Review : Finally - an app that has long-missed HandyShopper functionality!

This review is written from the perspective of a Palm user HandyShopper long, shot on SplashShopper on the iPod Touch.

The applications are many shops for different platforms, all the fundamentals “have a list, check the you need, read from the moment you bought it” offer features. Moreover, the only function that we used most frequently in HandyShopper can associate a unique element with multiple branches – and take courses in each of these stores. As in, especially in the cereal aisle of five companies A, B on the Save path 3 and 9 in response to store C. This gave us the opportunity, regardless of the speed is close to major companies, we store the random sort.

Until we found SplashShopper, we had no chance to find other tools that allow this option. Unfortunately, while SplashShopper is a wonderful tool full implementation iPod / iPhone is notoriously slow – useless for now.

With our new Android, we had resigned ourselves to ourselves, without the functionality of course – when the opportunity appeared preparation market research. SUCCESS!

Market preparation is also implementing some of the same tools that you can find in other applications based on Android shopping list as the voice and reading bar codes.

The good: Much faster than SplashShopper. Most of the same features. Very useful.

Bad: Not easy to share lists with others. You can e-mail list of “needs” to someone, and if you’ve filtered and sorted by a business transition, which is by e-mail list is sorted, filtered, and the corridor. So it is certainly appropriate for the exchange, but also other applications such as GroceryIQ and OurGroceries (automatically synchronize between multiple users on the air) have certainly hit the preparation of the market there.

Work more extensive exchange, market readiness and SplashShopper (desktop synchronization for an additional charge, you must import the entire database to another user, and synchronize back to you) or HandyShopper where the beam of entire database via IR – again crush the entire database. With the preparation of the market, you must obtain export / backup of your entire list, the export file to another user, and import them to the other handheld. You can e-mail to do, but it can be annoying.

The preparation of the market has no capacity to store, prices. As this is something that I never bother with, I can not heartburn real subject. It allows you to follow a price per item (and gives you the possibility that price when you update something in your cart).

Input methods: how many other new applications (such as GroceryIQ and OurGroceries), preparing the market allows you to scan bar codes to add something to your list. This is not something I use all that often – it is faster, just type the name. Plus, I do not usually trade mark complete, only generic terms such as “Elbow macaroni” or “Tomatoes, Braised.” You can also voice input to select the items and / or anything to add the required list.

Like any shopping list application others can create multiple lists, preparing the market – for example, “reading books”, “things for the holidays-Pack” and so on.

My conclusion: you have to decide what is important to your own dealbreaker: easy to share / coordinate lists (everything but the market soon), or individual articles / general stores (market readiness is the only choice).

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