Trip Journal Review : App was not fully tested.

1 .- It seems to conflict with other applications on the phone. In my particular case, he closed the Force, a banged up when my alarm (I use the alarm Xtreme).

2 .- Second test: I started a journey (it was not my situation right, btw), some pictures, wrote some notes, and force closed when a reminder was sent to my calendar (I use the standard calendar application included with the phone). And got the dates for the trip lost … …

3 .- The user interface (UI), does not seem to be intended for an Android device, or the developer wants to reuse code wherever possible. This app does not use the Android mobile phone left key for menu items, however, the “main menu” button on the screen occupies the space and nature makes the user interface of confusion for users Android used to press the left button of the screen related options you have.

4 .- One of the “five star” reviewer suggests, the “guide” to learn how to use the application to read. There are no guidelines, it is a lengthy glossary of the terminology, options and actions that the software is defined. Only definitions, not a tutorial.

5 .- As I write this review, I started the application again take a look at charts and comments. After a few seconds, he collapsed. I suspect it was the e-mail application in the background, because immediately after the crash, I have a “new e-mail notification received.

Overall, it seems that this app does not complete before they are tested to the public.

Oh, and the graphics, … … hmm, nothing unusual, really. That’s what anyone should from an application like this … … … I think it might be a little ugly, so the developer’s Friends & Family (aka “The five-star” reviewers) so much acclaim.

Infuse Samsung 4G.

Oops! It is simply fell again. I started for a last look before leaving feedback … …

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