Trip Journal Review : Bought it on the market a year ago, great app.

I bought them on the Android Market about a year ago and have on several trips. Exactly how many applications I purchased, it is now open for the day here on Amazon. I recommend you download it and giving it a shot on your next adventure. It’s one of those applications that you can not every day, but if you do, it’s surprisingly useful. I had not written any problems with the site of application, like any other. Probably user error or a phone shit. Usually people who complain about garbage apps2sd mobile equipment or are obsolete. How about buying a new phone and this time the collection is not free after rebate. You get what you pay for stingy. \ N \ nI want to see the dev add more features and has not been updated in recent times, the soft like this when I bought the first time. I’m not one of those people who come to download free Amazon each application of the day, just because it is free, in fact 80% of the time of the day is free app that I have purchased on the market whole is not undesirable, or I must be saved in my Amazon account. That said, this app is OS download, absolutely free.

Download NOW!!!