TuneIn Radio Pro Review : A really good radio app

I tried radio applications on Android Market, but TuneIn the best I know. It has a number of radio stations, others have not had some HD-radio! Pod-cast shows and Internet stations are a boon welcome. He even local channels police scanner, which is a little weird, but interesting.

I have a problem with the interface, but with the application on my Droid ground. The language is clear and informative, but quite small. If too thick in landscape TuneIn the bar at the top of the screen and the bar on the ground that the play / pause / displays the status of the timer. The rest of the information is trapped in a small area. On the left is the station info, which is too small, and on the right are the options that can really be accessible to others on a menu screen will be placed. This facility is not driver-friendly, where I use the software most of the time. Perhaps one way “car” should, where one could see the station info and access to use some of your presets on a screen. As it seems now I have to go one or two screens to look at my presets. Not good when driving.

However, overall the app is one of the best radio applications on the market. A winner is.

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