Twinoo Review :

Twinoo is a game that really shape your brain as a whole. All you need equation on the left side (in conjunction with your brain on this page) and remove the color, which are made when you added the two colors on the right combination is. So your brain has its “logical” and “art” side, and therefore your whole brain as you play.

In addition to the side brain training, the game is just fun to play because if you want to get a high score, you really need to work on these equations and colors faster and faster (adrenaline) with each correct answer, and soon you leave and try again.

For me the best game for an Android phone, which I hope to play a game in a short time, I just go to work or anywhere else ready when a game ends in less than one minute (which account for at least 2 minutes how do I progress).

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