VIRT U: Virtual University Review : When it's good it's good

VIRT U interface is probably the worst thing you ever been on a plateau and possibly on an Android phone. If I start in a “portrait,” says the soft, but it just shows me the top half of the VIRT U-screen on the left side of my screen tablet with all controls at the bottom, where I have not access to them. So … run up, is not it? Of course, but when a video is played it always in “landscape”.

In addition, the video quality is terrible and many refuse to play over once downloaded. And those you play, there is no way to bookmark where you left a course, if you must leave to play for any reason. Furthermore, marked by a series of disappointing three minutes video is called “progress” and the search engine the most basic, and you wonder why I am granting this app 3 stars and must resist the urge to give the fourth

Well … is the content. With a little patience, it should be possible to dozens of great, interesting, sometimes fascinating, MIT or Harvard or Stanford to find courses. I watch them and feel better, my students watch and is a good way for them to be to get an idea of ​​what a university course might.

I do not know what is needed for this app is not developed to improve the “feel”, but at least “be used without great pain,” but I hope it will happen the day. Until then if you can stand a lot of frustration (I could not stand it almost does not download a speech Woz said only that “this video can not be read”), it is a great resource, and at least when I write this, it’s free.’s worth a try.

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