Volume+ Review : Thank you sooo much!!!!

I never checked apps. I like some and hate others, and let the other reviews. I had a minute to take the time, though, and thank the creator of this app. I rooted Nook color with an SD card. I like everything about him. It is a great Android device in every sense, except I can not stand, was how little volume. I tried everything to change the volume – at least not in any way free – no luck at all. Then I took a chance on this app. WOW! My volume is so loud that I could like it or as little as I need it. I burned the aspects of the volume (low, etc.), but I like it. I can hold music, and fit into the soft at the same time, which is very easy and useful. This app really works and does a great job. You are right about the warnings … You can use your device really strong, so be careful and not Jack all the way right away. This app does what it claims and does it very, very good. Great job!

Download NOW!!!