Wave Launcher Review : Prevents phone from going into DEEP SLEEP, kills battery life.

I think it prevents app from my phone, into a deep sleep. I have the Evo 3D and took three days before the time I installed it. Right after I installed it, I could hardly 10-12 hours duration.

I saw that it starts a service and even after killing the service, the battery life still sucks.

Finally I uninstalled the application and now my battery is back to normal.

Shame would be cool to use them again.

BTW, I check CPU use spyware to see if my phone goes into sleep mode.

If battery life I never shit, it’s a good application to help get problems. I used to go see what services are running, then uninstall the application with the service in question. Then I reboot once or twice and wait a day or two and my phone is usually normal.

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