Way of the Samurai 3 Review : Did Tiger start making Android apps?

Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2
Viewsonic gtablet, Calkulin Clemsyn + 1.5GHz Combo Froyo V6

I expected disappointment when the hype around this game is that the graphics were concept art. On my Epic, the visuals are quite correct, but if my gtablet screen 10 “blown, they are not that great at all. So much for that. As for the gameplay, which is bad. Very bad. Seriously, never played one of Tiger Electronics games (like this: Double Dragon 3-mail [Rosetta Stone] Video game LCD)?. Way of the Samurai 3 is very similar to one of them, but with better graphics ~ Your character has five substances are at all times and never pass through the screen. The enemies have the same generic positions and come to you rolled around in the background. Boring. The controls are easy to use, but unfortunately they do not almost, as it should. It was much easier to simply do more, the same movement (block or attack) again and again, hoping for the best. This problem is become even clearer in the fighting against bosses where you are a kind of Dance Dance Revolution perform a movement. About the only way to salvation for this game is that it is stable and free.

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