WeatherBug Elite Review : Stick with the older version v. 2.5.288

The free WeatherBug app (v. 2.5.288) works fine on my Droid 2 So I thought, hey, try the new App Store, Amazon and buy elite WeatherBug. Wrong move. The Elite version 2.5.335 is buggy.

I was not able to add a widget – if you select one of four widgets from the list, nothing happens. The radar map does not display the Google map overlay, only a white background with a grid. And while I was playing with the National Weather Service elite WeatherBug, a tornado clock for our community. There was never any notification of this app, even if it was right to provide notifications configured.

I uninstalled and went back to the free version (v. 2.5.288) – at least I am told there is a tornado to see!

I have purchased from the Android Market. They are still selling the Elite v. 2.5.288 version. Bottom line: Do not buy on Amazon Elite Version 2.5.335.

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