Western Movies Review : Not an App, directs to spam website...

So I downloaded it on my old films Xoom as background noise while I work to do. I was excited, but there was no need to download, just because I have to uninstall.

You open the application, it takes you to a short list of titles, then you click on the title and move up to the top of the application will open your browser and directs you to a spam site. One of them, please click on the words here, and then next to the video is covered and advertisements, and you can not see the video.

Neither would any of the video buffer. I know it’s not my camera because I am connected to my WiFi connection and I my movies on a daily basis Xoom.

If you want a large, commercial-free app, which perfecly work, pay a few dollars for Film Vault: Classic Movies app.

Download NOW!!!