WiFi File Explorer PRO Review : not very useful at all

When I tested this app app free day I gave him a quick test and five stars because it’s like any other application that I use and that work appeared. But when I gave him a full test on this evening, I was bitterly disappointed. It is slow and stubborn. I uninstalled. If you are not willing to pay more than $ 3 for the Android Market WebSharing fork, you can get from this monstrosity, but you will not be nearly as happy.

My initial review below, because there are still some useful information.

I have been using an application called WebSharing for months. This app can accommodate up to this standard. WebSharing has a few more features so I’ll continue using it. My biggest complaint about this app is that it is not on the button \ / off when the application is started, the server starts. If you accidentally use and leave the default settings do not forget your phone, open wide. It would be better to have the ability to turn on and off the server by hand, even when running the application. Overall, though, it is a good application and price.

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