World Series Of Poker: Hold'em Legend HD Review : HTC Thunderbolt

CF. Huge download immediately. IU horrible. 4.99 for an app I was expecting more than enough graphics, if it works. No wonder they are giving, what a disappointment.

Update 27/08/11: She dropped the price to 0.99 c. Wrote the original report on my incredible. It has been updated several times and I have no questions on the Thunderbolt FC. The user interface is always horrible, especially the main menu. Not sure how I feel about the purchase / free key chips, but I can play for free without any problems so far. I updated my review 4 stars, because for c 0.99, it seems to be more valuable. The graphics are superb on the stroke of lightning. Just be careful, the downloading of 250 MB before you can play and be on WiFi before the opening, if you have a data plan.

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