World Webcams Review : Work in progress?

The good thing about this free application is image quality. The developers have decided that “better” is better when it comes to pictures, although it may suffer from “Variety” for lack of a wide range.

The problem is that the app seems to be a still image of the specific camera that you upgrade when you press the Menu button, then press “Update” to recover. AFAIK, there is no real “movement” or rather the camera application is only retrieve the first image it is and I do not think that there is no automatic update . Not once per minute.

The camera menu is divided into seven regions and two separate sections entitled “My Webcam” and “favorites” were organized. I was unable to do anything to “My Webcams’ I might add, but it’s probably because I do not use the correct format, although the same URL for this application would be” unable to connect “Back to the message would be working on my Tablet PC browser – I run it on a XOOM.

Do not try this too long for the good things about this app, except that “free” (with ads):

– Nearly all cameras offer a good quality.
– Almost all the cams seem to be accessible.
– Some of the spots are very good: the Panama Canal, the pyramids in Egypt, Bora Bora …

The most important questions:

– No real “movement” of the cameras. Android supports Flash, and is much used in real-time flash-cams around the world.
– Interface embarrassing to refresh the image – at least one button quick update on the screen, not in the “Menu” box.
– Small selection. Can you imagine South America, “not only with a cam in Rio or Buenos Aires or Berlin without Europe?
– Many cameras are not sorted in each of their regions and there is no “search” function.

Finally, it is not a bad application, but there is much room for improvement. Fortunately, the developers will be able to provided us with some full-motion cameras one day when this is a 5-star, there will be no compromise on image quality. I will revise my rating Soleil Currently … A 3-stars for something that is almost ready for prime time. As a free application, it is worth trying.

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