wp clock full Review : Keeper - cool clock/background

Most free application of the day “at the end before the end ‘of the day” uninstalled, but it is a rare case, in fact, only the second app I’m 5-star rating, I’ll keep it.

For those of the road, on my shelf XOOM is not perfect. He can not find my photo gallery and no matter what I do, it does not fit “all” (date, time, battery life, etc.) on the screen in landscape mode. I get the date of the week and time of day, however, and depending on how your background, it can look very cool – I prefer a discreet faded writing. [It shows “all”, when in portrait mode.] And, at least on a plate, it does not really matter if you have icons on your screen. When properly configured, you can see the time of the day without effort.

Here are my impressions on a scale of 1 to 5:

SETUP (4 out of 5)

It’s super easy, once you get the heart of it. Basically, you must fill out the form and click “Set Clock WP ‘bar. Then, depending on how much wallpaper you can have your cell phone or tablet, you may need to scroll down to” wp clock “to find select it and press” Settings “. It sounds more complicated than it really is. Once you do that, everything is fast, simple and mostly self-explanatory.

VALUE (5 out of 5)

This is a customizable desktop clock. You can also discrete (faded colors) or as visible as you want and it is with the battery or very little CPU resources when you enter the date / time info and some other objects in a fresh and innovative way.

Setting (4 out of 5)

Not everything can be individualized, but many can.

– Police: Can the police is the opacity, color and contour, but only one policy. The “colors” are easy to see through the RGB sliders to select. You can change the opacity for both the magazine and its contour and width of the contour.
– Background: either as a color (RGB sliders), where you can adjust the opacity, or when the “battery” is not a problem, you can make a slide show.
– Appearance: Can show and see how the time 12/24 hour mode or hide AM / PM, battery status, even days or weeks of the year (as ‘235th day of the year “when you really want to see it), the position on the screen and so on. Not everything appears on one platform honeycomb work on time, but it’s enough to make me happy.
– Animation: The manufacturers warn that it can and will discharge the battery, so you’re probably better not to use it. I do not believe, but if you prefer, you can define the type of anymation background, speed and so on.
– Language: He is either the “standard system” or you can choose from eight languages: English / Spanish / French / German, but also Bulgarian / Czech / Finnish / Danish.

It’s just the cover. You will also automatically links to the makers of the site and Facebook page. Oh, it’s great that before you “Settings” and done in the “real world” insight into what will look like your background, so you do not, you can see in and out of the “parameters of a hundred times before you are satisfied with the results.

MY RATING (5 stars)

As I said, it’s not “perfect” on a shelf honeycomb, but also how it is now, it’s pretty cool for me is to keep the default background. Five stars means “I love”, not “it’s perfect.” Wp Clock is unobtrusive and after Android (Settings / Applications / battery usage) “wp clock is only about 2% of resources battery. It is 2% greater than zero, but I think a “clock” app would be a resources are used, so I’ll keep it now.

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