wp clock full Review : Work's wonderfully, GREAT Clock Live Wallpaper

Please note that you can pass this kind of wallpaper for minimalists or people with cell phones, “problems”. I have a MT4G and so, I absolutely love this app also have different time / day wallpapers live, but it is complete with respect to the “light” the.

Why not go for the minimalist or phones, the subjects? Unless of course there is no point in the document if your screen filled with icons to use.

My phone is running a 1 GHz processor and 768 MB of RAM, and this wallpaper directly works fine, so I guess it will do the same on any phone with similar specifications or better.
The app works well and has announced. There are many ways to change and change the look of wallpaper. If you want a nice clock / date live wallpaper, you can not go wrong.


I’ll talk a little about a problem that bothered me the last time from the App Store. People must learn to check the applications. Amazon has a customer rating system or to implement something new, so we can evaluate the “Rater bad.” I rely heavily on customer statements and notes. I spend time reading various reviews to see if such applications and a good job.

I know there are some ridiculous people out there who do this evaluation LiveWallpaper down as advertised. It is not only here but in other applications App percentage of people for reasons the most stupid.

Here are some tips for buyers and future application reviewers, who have decided to read my paper was about:

First you can test if they continue to do so. This will show you what works and how to purchase the software before. It’s quick and easy. Why not use it? It is a great tool.
2nd Read all product information. Some people see a name or image to buy it, then complain and the rate of application down, because he does not do what they want, regardless of the fact that n ‘ is not 100% as advertised. It is not just for the developer.
2 Based on third, no value to the application down, because you understand / misunderstand t n ‘/ I bought for something he can not – the product information is generally very clear and detailed.
4th Rates of non-apps because they do not work well compressed. To understand the love of all that is good, that basically Android 2.2 and 3.0 are not identical. Android 2.2 tablets are mostly unofficial (outside the Galaxy Tab) and it can be difficult for many applications on it, although many fine-scale – will be no problem. Apps rate which is not far, it’s not the fault of the developers. Android tablets with applications optimized for 3.0/3.1 or need built for the OS. We’re just very pleased that many Android 1.x-2.x based applications work at all. If she does not “Tablet” in the name, not the hope that they work perfectly.
They will evaluate the fifth, if / when the application is closed a lot of power, buggy somehow causes phone freeze / trailer, etc., or do not look as advertised, among other obvious things.

It is completely silly and misleading to others down the rate of one request because it does not do what you want to do, especially if it works well, what it promises. For example, a clock does not stop live wallpaper, because it can not come with an alarm / and you think it should have, because it’s a clock. I’m just sayin’….
It is also illogical to a halt because an application for Android 2.2, “and” not done well on a shelf. If it does not say “minimal operating system” Android 3.0, it is not for the tablets. If it is not for the tablets, not to evaluate, as if it is! If you are looking for applications that seek to work tablets for a “for tablets” in the name, check to see if the min. Op Sys. Is 3.0 or read the description to see if the software that work hours will be announced on the shelves.

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