xScope Browser for Web and File Review : Great but it doesn't play video on my Honeycomb 3.2 XOOM

On the positive side, if and when a series of small faults are corrected, it could be a great browser, and it could become my default browser. xScope seems to be fast, the controls and buttons much better if placed in the default browser honeycomb in the comparison and there are many more ways to customize its operation, look and feel. There’s even a mini file manager.

On my Honeycomb XOOM I was not able to play this video. Tried YouTube and C-Span, and everything that I was strong. Have two (or more) browser installed, there is a problem when opening desktop shortcuts. But this seems like a honeycomb 3.2 problem – please read the first to review the study. Briefly triggered the change in the orientation of the screen there.

To be fair, there is an explanation that this version is not “optimized for all the tablets.” But be fair, it would be helpful if the statement is executed exactly which tablets browser or those for which it has not been optimized optimized. I will revise my three stars when the browser starts to play the video (not just audio). Until then, it is still installed, but it will only be used rarely.

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