xScope Browser for Web and File Review : My review ... not to be confused for the ridiculous rants.

I respect comments, not the tens of diatribes, what other free state of the browser on the Android Market or there is a different version of what the echo Market. Although the information and we need you 30 reports on the same facts? Probably not.

The browser is slow. Pinch zoom seems even after a reboot of gingerbread (Droid) lay. The browser renders beautifully on the few sites that I tried it (Amazon, Facebook, Droid forum, etc), but it seems to be slower than Dolphin browser (which started from my browser I use an Android phone. I ‘ not have the task to be the killer (which is a complaint to many it seems) built. data entry seemed to be ok for most, but he was nervous a little problem, I know happens’m do not know how the data stored be, it’s not a complaint, I never asked, nor what I should study.

I’m not sure how I push the fact that my menu button to get the address bar feel. It is not bad, just different. I could not understand right away how to kill a tab that without all the tabs with the “Power” button to close it. I think it should be a little clearer.

Makes sense laggy zoom and the fact that it just feels like a slight improvement over the built-in browser is not one to go for me. I’ll probably stick Dolphin. That and the apparent price to a version that appears elsewhere and charge the “pro” nickname is a 3-star-browser for me. Here too, Dolphin will be my recommendation, as it was last year.

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