xScope Browser for Web and File Review : Pretty good stuff

Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

xScope tried both a browser and a file manager, so I’ll check in two ways. Currently I am using Dolphin HD or Opera Mobile, and it is what I will be the comparison. On the side file management, I usually file or Astro-experts, which will result in the comparators.

As navigator, I acquired a taste for xScope. The layout is better than dolphin, the ability to change the user agent is a must, and flash treatment was very good. Cruise around CNN, Facebook and other sites rich in Flash was an experience, no matter what I did with Dolphin in terms of speed and reliability. Everything worked just as well with the load times can be a tick or two faster. XScope stumble a few forums, it works like Dolphin, which I was not happy to see. I was hoping to be able to Opera, I use down only for those specific sites, but it seems I’m stuck with it. Well, at least I could have a replacement for Dolphin.

As a file manager is a bit behind the pack xScope. Move your files and look as good as it gets, only basic functionality. No copies, no train, no multi-selection. The addition of the position to zip files is a blessing, but the lack prevents a multi-selection to be useful. For me, the point the combination of a ZIP file to several files into one for easy transport. xScope do not know. Aboriginal mining (Extract) is also absent, relying instead on other file manager to do the job. While the file manager was a nice thought, it’s just not enough on more accurate for me to use all or even most of the time.

In summary, the browser is quite good and some xScope reasonable compensation for the Dolphin in my book. File Manager page, it is too easy, it costs a star. Currently, he is coming on Amazon to $ 1 and $ 3 on the market. I do not think the price is for what is enough. I want to change that opinion, if the file manager was fully functional and problems with the forums has been fixed. As it stands, both in an idea that does not work for me behind xScope.

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