Zillow Real Estate Search Review : Surprisingly helpful.

In the weekends the last few years, I have several important functions in the use of my phone using searched the house. Zillow is one of the many applications of real estate I had installed, but I always came back to him because he did the right thing I needed. It is so convenient to put in your settings for the home that you, the price, have a bedroom, bathroom, square footage, and then scan it for homes for sale in accordance with the parameters in the neighborhood. The great thing is, I can click on the house and a quick image and some basic information about them. So I can see in the image, be it an instant no-go, or if I can, I can choose “Directions” and bam – Google Nav takes over and leads me to the next house.

I spent 7 hours last time I was out. I forgot the time going from one house to another to another. Definitely a great product, and in my opinion, much better than other real estate applications that I used.

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