• Bike Repair Review : Good for beginners like myself.

    Bike Repair Review : Good for beginners like myself.

    So ive started to be more involved in mountain biking. I get quite a nice bike I bought last year, and for the modernization and increase my budget for 1k-1.2k, what I want, got a nice bike interests me more about how it works and how to keep properly adjusted and in good condition.That s “where this software comes into play, it might be missing here or there, but I will give credit that it had significantly increased my knowledge. It is also very convenient, all in one place, stored locally on your cell phone no less. I find this app to be a valuable tool in my journey into the serious side of mountain biking as a sport.

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  • Little stories Children’s Audio (Spanish) Review : Malisima aplicacion

    Little stories Children's Audio (Spanish) Review : Malisima aplicacion

    Esta muy mala calidad de aplicación it vale y los Que itself Cobra $ 3. La calidad de audio es de calidad bajisima. No puedo recomendar ningunq facet.

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  • Wolfram|Alpha Review : Specialized, Amazing Search

    Wolfram|Alpha Review : Specialized, Amazing Search

    Take a good look at the examples long before you decide on your own, WA If you use search options and analysis of requests, it can become a real engine data mining … Amazing!

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  • Wolfram|Alpha Review : Well worth the price

    Wolfram|Alpha Review : Well worth the price

    A week ago it was an application for free on Amazon, I bought it on the market. I am glad that I deserve the money because the developers. This is so much more than a mathematical problem solver, if you’re interested (or should be) in astronomy, chemistry, or almost anything else, definitely consider buying it. There is also a version of the desktop browser application that you use to determine, may, if it is beneficial.

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  • Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD Review : crashes instantly

    Forgotten Places - Lost Circus HD Review : crashes instantly

    Well, I should have listened to the other reviews. accidents immediately (rooted gingerbread) on my second droid Hope an update will fix this problem. Legends of pocket, play 3D-graphics-intensive runs very well on my phone, so I do not understand what kind of graphics, this game is that it does not work on my phone.

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  • Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD Review : Problem App

    Forgotten Places - Lost Circus HD Review : Problem App

    I want to play this game, but it will not open on my HTC Incredible and was ready for a very long time to download. There is a problem with this app. I have many games and never had problems downloading or opening one of them.

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  • Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD Review : won’t open

    Forgotten Places - Lost Circus HD Review : won't open

    I agree with other reviewers. I would like to play this game, but it will not open on the title screen on my Evo 4G. I’ve always played games like this and never had any problems …. shame …. looks like a fun game would be.

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  • Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD Review : Won’t Open on Droid

    Forgotten Places - Lost Circus HD Review : Won't Open on Droid

    Sounds like a great game, but it will not open on my phone to 2.2.2 Droid. As another reviewer pointed out, it took forever to load down. I’m not complaining, it’s the first time an application or game Amazon does not work for me, and it had to happen somewhere. However, I present this as a “heads up” on the game

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  • SeekDroid Review : SeekDroid vs Lookout Lite: Not A Prize Fight!

    SeekDroid Review : SeekDroid vs Lookout Lite: Not A Prize Fight!

    I have been using Lookout Mobile Security software for a long time. I had on my Blackberry Curve 8330 and he works on my Samsung 4G Epic from day one I got. I have a separate review on both my 4G and my Epic Lookout. I recently SeekDroid free on Amazon Appstore for Android (Two-Day weekend) discovered and decided to give it up to my arsenal. I must admit, I was only by the number of favorable reviews from customers led SeekDroid impressed. I thought, must have done something good SeekDroid! It turns out that it really is!

    Now let’s see what they have to offer both candidates and our how much it was for?

    Lookout is primarily a security software. It protects your phone against viruses, malware, spyware and phishing attempts. He is always on and it works silently and efficiently in the background. It scans each application that you download to your phone and alerts you immediately recognize something harmful should. It is a peace of mind. This is how it has primary responsibility for Lookout and it’s a job well done.
    However Lookout offers some useful extras: Find My phone service and backup and restore option. Both are very convenient for some, they are indispensable. If you consider that both services are free to all customers say with their Lite version, it is fair to offer Lookout is hard to beat.
    The “Find My Phone” / option missing device gives the user two options: you must first Lookoutout in your account and from there you can connect: Locate (“Pinpoint”), the unit on a map. Lookout remotely activate the GPS on your device with the use of triangulation of cellular signals, which will improve your chances of finding your phone missing. There are also user options The Scream, which cause your phone to vibrate and the sound of a set of very strong siren. It is worth mentioning here not to his viewpoint, when I put my phone in silent mode, which challenges the very end. I keep my phone in silent mode, if it does work … Lookout, I will contact the support team and see what they answer.
    Your backup service allows each user 2 GB free disk space. You can save your contacts, photos and call history. Thumbs up! Another thing that the two functions, scanning and saving are scheduled to run automatically. This is a unique added convenience.
    The premium version includes all the above, plus: Safe Browsing option to lock the phone remotely delete data from the phone. Premium comes with a 14 day trial, after which you decide to stay and pay or on foot! The premium is $ 30 annual fee. I can not prove their Safe Browsing feature, because I have not tried. But some technical sites gave positive feedback. I think a bigger mobile before, this feature is to deserve the attention it deserves. Browsing on your mobile phone is no different browser on your computer. Hopefully Google is these concerns that their Android mobile platform becomes more mature, less fragmented.

    SeekDroid covers some areas in their Lookout let elected Lite version naked. For a single payment of $ 0.99 you receive from remote locking and scanning options. It even offers research functions of the missing device. It also offers a nice feature, “hide” the application from your smartphone is invisible SeekDroid drawers. It SeekDroid be damaged by the “bad guys” and then help you track and find your valuable phone to uninstall. Very intelligent. Note that other applications you may have installed on your device, for example, App 2 SD, or List SeekDroid.

    Before I draw any conclusions, some commentators suggested that SeekDroid.com is not guaranteed! Well, from my own experience, open to both SeekDroid Lookout and secure web pages [“https”]. Another thing I want to address here, SeekDroid clearly says “requires Android 2.2 or higher” to be fully functional. If you have not read the description did not notice before buying or app, I do not think it’s fair to underestimate the soft or trying to put the blame on the developer. The window for 15 minutes again on Google be liable, not all developers.

    The Bottom Line:

    Both applications are essential. They complement each other competition, instead of against each other, is that in the eyes of the prospect of a client. For those of us who fly economy class, I recommend a combination of SeekDroid Lookout & Lite (with what your phone lock screen offers). However, if you can afford first class, then it goes 😉

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  • SeekDroid Review : I Spy

    SeekDroid Review : I Spy

    This should be a decent application, when the need to “track” your phone to replace concerns about “privacy” and giving operators control SeekDroid site unlimited on your cell phone or tablet-trough “system admin “-Account.


    SeekDroid is the most effective recovery of your phone (or your friend / child / spouse / intereset person) Android mobile tablet and displays them on a map and there are other functions, so let me list them all:

    – Track and locate a device, and the exact location via Google Maps (street view and satellite overlay)
    – You send an “alarm” with personalized content, which disrupt phone tracked or tablet, which can be run app.
    – Monitor call activity
    – To “hide” attempt to continue the application on the device (later)
    – Change the “lock” the password remotely
    – Remote Wipe “personal data (not tested by me)

    All SeekDroid above through the website are made as soon as you set up an account linked to the device to control. The process is simple – too simple – and, according to my tests, simple passwords are accepted – I’m all in lower case in the dictionary for the user ID and password.

    On your Android device on the side, provided that the installation process, an account SeekDroid “Device Management” privileges. Optionally, you can remotely wipe the “telephone” and its SD card from the website SeekDroid and retrieve the most recent calls.


    AFAIK, most of the features work as advertised. Equipment and phone calls are monitored, alarms pop almost immediately and the screen lock password can be changed remotely. I have not tried the “Wipe” feature.

    On the side of the device, the ability to limit who can do what SeekDroid have specified. Of course, no follow-up will only happen if you disable the Wi-Fi and GPS tracking device. I suspect that SeekDroid can potentially allow tracking back, but I did not see it happening.

    Site SeekDroid, once authenticated, you can continue the gadget handset, send alerts, lock and delete data, even try it “invisible”. Alarm sound, and almost immediately place the opportunity to continue the search will tell you whether it’s online when you try to follow him.


    Here are some of mine, from “high” to “low” order.

    – Install SeekDroid who runs allowed unrestricted access to sites SeekDroid your device. Any hacker or overzealous “authorities” during a fishing trip or maybe SeekDroid unhappy employees could take complete control over your machine and … not only see where you are or who you just mentioned, but in reality, wipe the device clean your data. If it “controls” are on the side SeekDroid, I have not seen any disclosure of the amount of risk.
    – Weak passwords easily result in a simple hack. As I mentioned, was a relatively short time password only lowercase gladly accepted. It’s scary, because even if SeekDroid user password encrypted passwords easily can be easily exposed once someone (a hacker or other unfriendly) puts his hand on the password file encrypted password. And we know what could follow: a massive wipeout.
    – I’m not sure what the policy on information SeekDroid tracked. The units are supervised at all times? The data are received (for how long?) And sold or made available to data miners?
    – Hide the app only works if you use Android “apps running tool. I see” no problem SeekDroid by third parties or memory manager app. And of course you can still see the account SeekDroid machine as the administrator and Since you are an administrator yourself, you can remove their privileges, and of course remove it. Not a big concern, but no one should have high expectations. Any reasonably advanced user can easily “find” SeekDroid and off.
    – It’s really easy to remove. See above.


    SeekDroid, making it so easy to track and monitor an Android device has the potential to compromise their safety. Not only data on the “use” is a site that I have gathered no reason to trust, but all data in danger of being destroyed and, from their plant SeekDroid “Device Manager” to your own phone mobile, there is a potential for data that changes, additional applications installed without knowledge of the owner, etc..

    I’ll give this app 2 stars (I do not like) and not a star, because most functions work as advertised.

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  • Wave Launcher Review : Handy

    Wave Launcher Review : Handy

    This software is particularly useful, allowing a quick access to my most frequently used applications from any other application. Ideal for switching between applications on the fly, or pull my calendar when reading my e-mail exchange at the time. Large differences, with minimum intervention. Android makes my experience much better.

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  • FlexT9 Review : Best I’ve had yet

    FlexT9 Review : Best I've had yet

    I’m recording with this review (to) the audio capabilities of this app. I’ll mark the corrections in brackets like this (. Lake) to see you for accuracy.

    I Swype (light) as the, but it does not (a) audio input, so I often return to the standard keyboard was. My guess is that this combination of capacities, and (Indy) seems high accuracy.

    (Switch mode to cancel.)

    As others have mentioned, the capital takes extra touch, you can not delete like Swype, and funding new sentence does not work. ? See:)

    In fact, I think it (the idea) faster and more accurate than (Ryan) Swype, and seems to be (VW) in a position (above) to use names such as car Tuesday, Smith, and January, which has always irritated Swype. my trouble with other major rivals Swype is that the number of cars, the entry of “4” inputs “4ever” is a predefined dictionary entry can not be deleted. It is very frustrating for some (sinus) (arrival) if numbers Swype intro is all the words in the dictionary type.

    I am concerned about confidentiality, the android with a warning that they can collect her credit cards and passwords.

    (Switch to pull)

    I used to be a reversal CSpr’ngJ have … ok, I can not flSWre LIcontl, Floure secure …

    wow. Well, I’m not in character mode.

    Slide the discourse and modes work very well. this is my new keyboard software. only a few bugs to develop and clarity of the (if) you questions of data protection to 5 stars.

    Update, 07/09/2011

    I tried a few other keyboards since flexT9, and no one should measure it. As others have mentioned, some other keyboard applications (but not all) also the warning privacy. Drawing mode is a bit silly, as you can see from my experience with it on top. My old turnaround has worked well, but tracing / drag words is much, much faster.

    Auto-activation seems to have fixed. I have not a problem for some time with it. Dictation audio works well but sometimes do not get all my texts – I suspect a network connectivity problem, but there is no notification. Overall, it is very accurate.

    The issue is that the hold of a five-star-is, is the inability to change the dictionary. Once flexT9 adds a word to the dictionary, that’s all for good, and because it is added, it seems to appear often. Misspell a word, when? It’s your phone to life. Somewhere enter a password into a Web form that is not marked as a password? Your password is now in the dictionary flexT9 and you can delete. There are some other features as well as “i” is the norm for a word with only the letter i (which should be “I”), but there is no way to get rid of it.

    But better than all the other options I tried, my greatest wish for an editable custom dictionary of words.

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  • Yumm Review : Made ya flinch!

    Yumm Review : Made ya flinch!

    Testing Equipment: Samsung Epic officially Android 2.2

    Straight up Yumm is a silly yet entertaining little application. Yumm you place your finger in the mouth and number three, the game begins. The trick is, you have your finger from the mouth of the crazy critters before removing his teeth finger. If not, ends in blood and cackles injected from Yumm. Pull your finger too soon, and you lose a point. Simple. Yumm is very fast, ugly and entertaining to watch. Made in an excellent 3D graphics, it’s funny to see and hear. The only thing missing is that the software does not keep track of your profits / losses on a single session and integrating Facebook / Twitter will not make a lot of interesting things.

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  • Color Flashlight Review : Works…

    Color Flashlight Review : Works...

    It only works as a flashlight. Show still stinks, but whatever … it works .. I will not spend money on a “torch” for my phone … So I can do a lot …

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  • Note Everything Review : EASY TO USE!!!! (practically intuitive)

    Note Everything Review : EASY TO USE!!!!  (practically intuitive)

    I work in high stress and problems with memory. Can I use the voice recorder for quick notes … ow you can type (list Vitamin Store: Ginko biloba !)… There is even a “draw” function for quick sketches in color (which is useful in my work). The only detail that surprised me is that if you give a note, there was no “save” button. Simply close or to another screen … it is already stored. They arrested this step. Because the smartphones are a little pain in the keester typing … eliminated an unnecessary step makes my life easier.

    I hate having too much time reading the complicated instructions to spend on applications. Apps should be (in my head) simple and intuitive – short programs that are one or two things well. This corresponds to the bill beautifully.

    Oh … I tried a few other applications first notes … this beats them all by far.

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  • Play and Learn Spanish Review : It works!

    Play and Learn Spanish Review : It works!

    I think thsy may be able to do it, but it works well and work on my Galaxy Tab 7 in and that’s all I did not ask.

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  • GO Launcher EX Review : Great alternative

    GO Launcher EX Review : Great alternative

    One, if not the best replacement rocket. Many adaptations and tools.
    Goteam a great widgets and themes. Very fast and great autonomy.

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  • GO Launcher EX Review : everything it claims is accurate!

    GO Launcher EX Review : everything it claims is accurate!

    I like the interface of this app. It runs and I love the home screen Mini down. very friendly touch screen. A + in my book.

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  • Symphony of Eternity Review : Fun Game!

    Symphony of Eternity Review : Fun Game!

    Those who are fans of the classic role-playing will enjoy this game the old-school RPG, it reminds me the most is Chrono Trigger. It is of course a well-designed game, and in any event, the $ 2.99.

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  • Symphony of Eternity Review : Great throwback to 8-bit rpgs

    Symphony of Eternity Review : Great throwback to 8-bit rpgs

    Last night, I woke up at 2 am and pulled my cell phone, two hours from SoE later, I decided, after an accident fight against a boss. Well, I plunged headlong into it and deleted my party. Then I realized that there is no automatic backup … I realized that I had to do two hours and more. And then I realized that I wanted to play two hours, and this forced me to write this review. With this new wave of free applications and micro-transactions, to find something like that you can not just dismiss rare in the first drawback.

    If you liked 8-bit RPG and want to experience that in a more modern, this game is for you. A return to old great RPG, but with some modern elements in the interface and the game to really smooth things.

    Lightweight Disadvantages: I have no keyboard Droid and hard, and I can not control these worthless on the screen, I am more and swing my fingers back and forth trying to see what it says exactly the field text below. Also moving is a pain. There are three different control options, the only amazing feature, finally, the problem here is simply my lack of a physical keyboard.

    NO CAR = SAVE)

    The game was originally created for dialogue in Japanese and translations are rough, gets up to 99% of the dialogue number, but you’ll be rolling your eyes at some of the dialogue.

    Some ads in the battle screens have been some research on the Help menu to see what values ​​have been accurately represented and how they represent. (The bar of the speedometer and the break in my case).

    Slower: This game seems to give users a variety of ways to tune and optimize your character. You can reallocate skill points each time, subtraction and allocation to whatever areas you want. And unlike “Tome” (a way of assigning classes to inherit from your character, the skills they) mean, you can register any kind you prefer. Change the lead guy on a mage or golem from a position of power to provide for a guardian for the damage. Measuring the capacity is amazing.

    It was on sale for $ 3 for almost a month, and for that price I would recommend picking it up. You can select any location at any time (not safe during fights), so the possibility of playing two minutes without you and stop your progress is great. At full price, I would just suggest to people who are exactly the kind of game they know to buy them. Eight dollars is not just something to play, but if you know what you’re recording, it is a great mobile game. Remember to save your game often!

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