• Robo Defense Trainer Review : works

    Robo Defense Trainer Review : works

    This is exactly what it says. Ended at 100 with a single turret. Or you can simply increase your bonus points to give themselves an advantage. Be sure to set some values ​​are too high. The game, because I had health about 100k and reset some strange things.

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  • Tango Video Calling Review : Front facing camera recognized

    Tango Video Calling Review : Front facing camera recognized

    Call quality could be better, but it gets bonus points for the recognition of the front camera to 2.2 Froyo – unlike Skype, which recognizes only the rear view camera \ n.

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  • Plex for Android Review : Beautiful

    Plex for Android Review : Beautiful

    This app is great. I have a port of XBMC for Android, or something that is not required. Finding Plex is pretty cool. I played with my media server and I must say, I like the concept very well, especially in the situation, a video from device to device on.

    I have not figured out how to build playlists on the phone again, or build / to open on the server mapped more. So better support would be nice playlist.

    Also, I know, Google TV is not a supported device, but it would be great to be able to use Plex on my Logitech Review! In this way, I’ll actually be able to play my videos from my server without messing around with Windows Media Player and UPNP, only to find that I use the codecs (ogg & MPV) in the first place is not compatible with the device .

    XBMC on my review would be great, please help Plex & Ethernet work on x86 using the acceleration if we NDK Google Google TV! I would even be willing to buy the software again to be able to get my files to play bonus points for the ability to play 1080p video files without re-encoding on the media server.

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  • Waze Free GPS Navigation Review : Best. GPS. Ever.

    Waze Free GPS Navigation Review : Best. GPS. Ever.

    I love Waze. Waze know the difference between GPS and other programs? Waze If the card is expired, all you need is a quick jump on the train to upgrade the card, and within 2-3 days, the card is updated. It is a user-oriented application (pardon the pun), community-based GPS, which maps updated by users, traffic on the fly by users will be made, is very reliable and navigation.The best part, however, the point system. You earn points for things (5 points per mile driven, bonus points for the production of new or untested running on the roads, etc.) that increase your score. In addition, it can join a group of local users can get specific reports. Waze I use daily. If I ever replace my phone Waze is the first application I install it again.

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